Invited speakers

Characterization and fundamental Physics

  • Raphael Butté, EPFL (CH): Deep traps in InGaN/GaN single quantum well structures grown with and without InGaN underlayers 
  • Yong-Hoon Cho, KAIST (KR): Room temperature polariton condensate and polaritonic non-Hermitian system based on GaN single microcavity 
  • Keshav Dani, Femtosecond Spectroscopy Unit of OIST (JP): tba
  • Daniel Feezell, Univ. of New Mexico (US): Carrier Dynamics of Polar, Semipolar, and Nonpolar InGaN/GaN LEDs Measured by Small-Signal Electroluminescence
  • Mitsuru Funato, Kyoto Univ. (JP): Fabrication and optical properties of ultra-thin GaN/AlN quantum wells for far-UVC emitters 
  • Mark Holmes, University of Tokyo (JP): III-nitride quantum dots for quantum technologies 
  • Gwénolé Jacopin, Institut Néel, CNRS, Grenoble (FR): Surface recombinations in III-nitride micro-LEDs: What photon correlation cathodoluminescence tells us 
  • Martin Kuball, Bristol Univ. (UK): Heat transport in power and RF devices, and GaN on Diamond 
  • Saulius Marcinkevičius, KTH (US): tba 
  • Tomoaki  Nambu, Osaka Univ. (JP): Blue Second Harmonic Generation from GaN Monolithic Microcavity 
  • Rachel Oliver, Univerity of Cambridge (UK): Multi-microscopy of green-emitting quantum wells 
  • Michael Reshchikov, Virginia Commonwealth Univ. (US): On the origin of the yellow luminescence band in GaN 

Electronic Devices

  • Oliver Ambacher, Fraunhofer IAF (DE): What is special about ScAlN? An overview of its structural, mechanical and polarization-induced properties 
  • Edward Yi Chang, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) Hsinchu, Taiwan (TW): tba 
  • Christian Huber, Bosch (DE): Process challenges and perspectives of vertical GaN power transistors on foreign substrates 
  • Debdeep Jena, Cornell Univ. (US): Thin channel FETs on AlN: nFETs and pFETs for nitride CMOS 
  • Elison Matioli, EPFL (CH): tba 
  • Pil Sung Park, Navitas (US): Device and Modeling for GaN Power Integrated Circuit 


  • Andrew Allermann, Sandia National Laboratory (US): Ultra-wide Bandgap AlGaN Alloys for Diodes and Transistors
  • Michal Bockowski, UNIPRESS (PL): What has recently been discovered and what we still need to find out about crystallization of truly bulk GaN 
  • Alam Doolittle, Georgia Insititute of Technology (US): tba
  • Amélie Dussaigne, CEA-LETI (FR): Efficient red emission from high In content InGaN alloy: towards native RGB micro-displays 
  • Hajime Fujikura, SCIOCS (JP): tba
  • Sylvia Hagedorn, FBH (DE): Growth on high temperature annealed AlN/sapphire templates – challenges and opportunities
  • Carsten Hartmann, IKZ (DE): Efficient diameter enlargement of bulk AlN single crystals with high crystalline perfection  
  • Marc Hoffmann, ams OSRAM (DE): Challenges of epitaxial growth & industrialization of efficient UV-C LEDs  
  • Stefano Leone, Fraunhofer IAF (DE): Growth of AlScN/GaN heterostructures by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition: challenges and perspectives
  • Hideto Miyake, Mie University (JP): Fabrication of AlN templates with screw- and mixed-type dislocation densities of 10^3 cm^-2   
  • Tetsuo Narita, Toyota Central R&D Labs (JP): Diffusion of Mg and H atoms in Mg-doped and Mg ion-implanted GaN through annealing  
  • Kazuki Ohnishi, Nagoya Univ. (JP): HVPE growth for vertical GaN p-n junction diodes with high breakdown voltage 

Novel Materials and Nanostructures

  • Guillaume Cassabois, Univ. of Montpellier (FR): tba  
  • Benjamin Damilano (FR): Porous (Ga,In)N layers and LEDs made by selective area sublimation 
  • Hideki Hirayama, RIKEN (JP): tba
  • Jeehwan Kim, MIT (US): Remote epitaxy for ultimate heterogeneous integration of compound semiconductors
  • Jong Kyu Kim, Postech (KR): Growth of suspended  and strained hexagonal boron nitrides on GaN substrate by MOCVD
  • Kazuhiro Ohkawa, KAUST (SA): MOVPE growth of high-In-content InGaN and their red micro-LEDs
  • Abdallah Ougazzaden, Georgia Tech Lorraine (FR): tba 
  • Lars Samuelson, Lund Univ. (SE): Red microLEDs via growth of relaxed InGaN platelets and their applications in devices
  • Lai Wang, Beijing National Research Center for Information Science and Technology (CN): tba  
  • Jianchang Yan, Institut of Semiconductors CAS (CN): Deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes with hexagonal BN

Optical Devices

  • Yasuhiko Arakawa, Univertity of Tokyo (JP): Advances in GaN quantum-dot single photon sources  
  • Michael Binder, ams OSRAM (DE): V-pit injection to mitigate droop
  • Aurélien David, Google Inc. (US): tba 
  • Åsa Haglund, Chalmers (SW): Blue and UV VCSELs: today and tomorrow 
  • Motoaki Iwaya, Meijo Univ. (JP): Progress in AlGaN-based UV-B laser diodes fabricated on sapphire substrates 
  • Hirotsugu Kobayashi, Asahi Kasei (JP): High output power Far-UVC LEDs emitting below 230 nm on AlN substrates
  • Charles Li, Playnitride (TW): Development of MicroLED Display Technology and Applications
  • Martina Meinke, Charité (DE): Application of skin save 233 nm far-UVC LEDs for eradication of MRSA and MSSA 
  • Susumo Noda, Kyoto Univ. (JP): High-power 2D photonic crystal surface emitting InGaN/GaN lasers 
  • Jan Ruschel, FHB Berlin (DE): Degradation mechanisms in UV LEDs and how to achieve long lifetimes 
  • Czeslaw Skierbiszewski, UNIPRESS (PL): How tunnel junctions changed our perception of III-N optoelectronic devices 
  • Tetsuya Takeuchi, Meijo Univ. (JP): GaN-based tunnel junctions and laser diodes 
  • Kenichi Terao, Nichia Corp. (JP): High wall-plug efficiency blue and green nitride EELs and VCSELs
  • Jerry Zhang, Bolb Inc. (US): High power UVC LEDs and their lifetime models